History The ZoomIn project was born in spring 1994 following by a request of data visual representation of Limnoceane group of geology department to Parallelism group of computer science department (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland). ZoomIn has allowed to bring up a visualization software solution for those data in 3D helped by specific tools.

The Parallelism group was directed by professor Hans Heinrich Nägeli. This one provides the project in the form of thesis and it is Mr. Hervé Sanglard (PhD in computer science, co-founder of WebExpert) who has carried out during 5 years, writing and programming the concepts of ZoomIn software.

In 2000, the ZoomIn project is completely redeveloped by Mr. Alain Conod (former of acDevSoftware) at the time of its diploma work, which will give rise of acZoomIn.

In this same year, a new thesis is started by professor Hans‑Heinrich Nägeli that has like subject the collaborative work (including the ZoomIn project) and it is Mr. Steve Casera which has carried out it.